Day Five aboard the Holland America Amsterdam

Day five aboard the Holland America Amsterdam was actually spent off the Amsterdam. We were docked in Juneau Alaska and I spent the day wandering the streets.

One of the places that wandered into was B’s Bakery and Bistro. To give you a taste of what the place is like, I was welcomed inside and informed that Becca, the owner of B’s had given birth to a baby girl that morning; the baby is already named Lilah.

B's Bakery and Bistro
B’s Bakery and Bistro

For the price of two excellent café Americanos I was welcome to sit in their little shop and update my blog, Facebook and upload a video review of my new Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack AND a video tour of the room I am staying in aboard the Amsterdam. Awesome people.

Next time you are in Juneau, make a point of walking up towards the state capitol building and stop in to see Becca and little Lilah.

Office of the Governor
Office of the Governor

Speaking of the state capitol building, I did continue up the hill and had a very informative tour of the building.

While touring the capitol building I learned that one of the governors appointed by the President of the USA (they appointed the governor of Alaska when it was a territory and before it was a state) was found to actually be a Canadian and was summarily fired.

For the rest of the day I wandered around Juneau taking pictures of my new Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack with famous statues and stuff.

Bexar and Bear
Bexar and Bear


Towards the end of the day as I was wandering back towards the Amsterdam, a guy called out to me offering me a last minute deal on a whale watching tour.

Local Dude Trent
Local Dude Trent

Although the tour went too late for me to attend, Trent, a local Alaskan dude told me that when any of my friends come to Juneau, be sure to call him at 907-209-8040 or to email him at . Tell him you want the “good guy” price on any tour and he will do whatever he can to get you on the tour of your choice for the best price. (This is an unpaid endorsement of a guy who was working hard trying to make a living in a very competitive business).

Of course the very last thing I did before getting back on the Amsterdam was to stop in and visit my buddies at Tracy’s King Crab Shack.

These guys serve the best Crab Bisque I have ever tasted. And that is another unpaid endorsement for a couple great guys serving fabulous soup.

And then it was back on the ship for formal night dinner as we set sail for Ketchikan.

More tomorrow.