Day Three am aboard the Holland America Amsterdam

Another peaceful morning aboard. I only did a one mile walk this morning but I am sticking to my stair-taking pledge. I am feeling great.

We have been at sea since leaving Vancouver and are now approaching Glacier Bay where we will spend some time watching the glacier calving. Similar to whale watching, there is no way that you can capture on a camera the spectacular nature of a glacier calving. It is just too large of an event for film.

However, back to the things I can capture on film.

Brekkie one was up on the Lido Deck at 7am. A smoked salmon, bacon and shrimp omelette was a great way to begin the day.


Brekkie two was what I would have called a west coast Benedict but here they call it Scottish Benedict. Poached eggs on smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce.

(Insert pic of omelette here)

Some more observations of the differences between this cruise and last year’s cruise with Celebrity; last year from the minute we got on the Century there were people plying us alcoholic drinks. This year, we have not been pestered at all. It is a very welcome difference in approach.

More this afternoon.