Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel; Day 4.1 NaBloPoMo

The cell phone providers, cable and internet providers could learn a lesson or two from the Delta Hotel organization; in contrast to the telecoms, Delta Hotels work very diligently at keeping customers rather than just trying to attract new customers. And I like that.

Although when I travel it is typically for work and thus the choice of what hotel I stay at is somewhat outside of my control, the more often I stay at Delta Hotels, the more they seem to value me as customer.

For example, now that I have stayed a number of times in the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel, when I arrive in my room there is a small welcome treat to eat.

Delta Hotel Welcome Treat
Delta Hotel Welcome Treat






Another nice change at the Richmond, BC location of the Delta Vancouver Airport Inn is the way that they have reconfigured the entrance. In the past there were two sliding doors that opened up very wide, allowing a swoop of cold air to enter the lobby. That has now been changed.

New Entrance Configuration
New Entrance Configuration

A door just to the side of the big sliding doors is now the entrance. The cold air that fills the lobby is still a problem but not nearly to the extent that it previously was.

Another positive change for the Delta Vancouver Airport Inn.

And that weird title? That NaPoBloMo? Soon, soon.