Development progress

The most amazing opportunity in having twins is to see how two individuals develop while living in identical surroundings. First thing that we noticed is that Story, the Baby B, and smaller of the two at birth, is always on the move. She has discovered how to roll side to side and travels all around the house in this fashion. Just this week she figured out how to roll in the opposite direction so she gets “beached” against the legs of furniture much less often.

The problem with her rolling is that she is also now able to roll over top of bed pillows. This means we are no longer able to contain her on our bed while we go brush our teeth or bring Annalie from the crib to our room. In fact this morning we returned to the bedroom to see Story wedged between the bedside table and the bed. She was in there squirming away and when she saw us, a big ol’ grin spread across her face.

But on the other hand, Annalie is into eating whereas Story is not. Annalie has been eating rice cereal for a couple of weeks now. After the first dayof eating from a spoon she knew that the spoon was bringing her food. She now opens her mouth and flaps her arms when she sees the spoon coming at her. And just this weekend gone she ate some mashed up avocado. Made a very funny face when she tried it but then looked for more.

The funny thing is that Annalie does not travel around by rolling. And Story does not want to try any new foods. All she wants is the boob or the bottle. Cool to see them pushing their limits, each in their own, unique way.