Dirty Apron Cooking Class

Last week I attended a cooking class at the Dirty Apron cooking school. The name of the class was Meat Eaters Unite. It was not vegetarian friendly.

Dirty Apron cooking school

Above is a photo of the lamb chops I cooked. Start on the grill to get the grill tracks set and then into the pre-heated oven for SIX minutes! So juicy. And delicious.

The key takeaway for me was just how easy it is to make beautiful, healthy, and delicious food with a few simple ingredients.

Dirty Apron cooking school

This is the Pork Wellington we made – it was incredible. Braised, seasoned, coated with a Dijon mustard sauce, wrapped in puff pastry and then cooked to 145° internal temperature. A game changer for me. So juicy. So tender. And safe to eat!

Dirty Apron cooking school

Ribeye steak – seasoned and marinated in a bourbon maple syrup, soy sauce with some fresh thyme and rosemary. On the grill to get the grill marks and we are good to go.

The entire Dirty Apron experience was great. Very friendly, professional, and informative. I learned many simple things that I am sure will make me more effective in my kitchen.

I’ll add more info as soon as I get an opportunity.