Dirty diapers and research scientists

In the morning when the girls wake up, my first priority is to get them out of the diapers that they have wearing since midnight or three in the morning, depending on when they last woke up for food. The thing that never fails to amaze me is the extraordinary amount of liquid that a diaper can hold.  After pulling a diaper off a kid you can tell that the diaper is laden with moisture but somehow that soggy mess stays inside. You do not even get your hands damp, if you are careful, when handling the wet diaper from the outside.

You have to wonder who says to their high school guidance counsellor, “Geez Mr/Ms Counsellor, I think I want to be a research scientist who comes up with a revolutionary new super-absorbent diaper material. ” I’m just not seeing the glamour in that role, although I do sincerely thank them for their genius. Say what you will about disposable diapers, when it comes to a pee-filled diaper, we salute your efforts!