Do twins run in the family?

Today when people asked us about the twins we replied that in fact they were not twins, we had met on and we both had babies that were the same age, purely coincidental that they were born on the same day.

And then later when people asked if twins ran in the family, we replied, not with scissors they don’t.

A word to the wise folks. Everybody probably already knows this but if you are schlepping along with a tired and hungry baby and the bottle of milk you have packed is stone cold, the Starbucks folk are usually pretty awesome about giving you a Grande a cup with a coupla inches of hot water in it to warm that bottle. You all know what I am talking about when I say this. Screaming, hungry baby, cold milk, just sit down in the Starbucks and they will see why that Grande of hot water is important. I didn’t mean to disrupt your conversation folks! The Starbucks person actually carried my coffees and that Grande to the car for me…so helpful!





One response to “Do twins run in the family?”

  1. Sheila Avatar

    Try telling them, “Yes, they are twins. And one is four months older than the other.” It’s amazing how hard people have to think about that one