Doctor Ferber; Do You Make House-calls?

Okay, so I spoke too soon. On January 5th I posted a little thing about the girls sleeping through the night. I was feeling quite giddy with my new found freedom to sleep for five or six hours (ah the luxury!) straight through. Unfortunately, as I was posting those thoughts, the twins were plotting their strategy for the coming nights.

Annalie and Story have taken turns since I so gleefully mentioned uninterrupted sleep. Annalie will wake at 11:03pm just as the 11 o’clock news begins to roll. Resettle her, come downstairs to brush my teeth and make sure baby bottles are clean and ready to roll. Back to bed, sleep until 12:45am when Story lets loose her wake-up call. Caragh’s turn to feed and soothe. Back to sleep until 3am. Annalie sends out the call. Downstairs to warm a bottle for the longest 30 seconds of my life while Annalie expresses the fact that I probably have been purposely starving her. I watch as the neighbour’s light comes on. Again.

Back to sleep. 4:30 Story calls out. 5:15 Annalie calls out.

And then, they both settle in to deep, peaceful sleeps…as my alarm clock sounds saying it is time to rise and shine to head off to the factory.

Dr Ferber; do you make house-calls?