Dogs Training Humans in City of Coquitlam

City of Coquitlam bylaw officers will be out in parks this summer reminding local dogs to train their humans.

Jimmy and Matthias
Jimmy and Matthias

In an effort to ensure that Coquitlam’s parks remain user-friendly for all people and animals, bylaw officers will be reminding dogs (and their humans) of three key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring dogs are connected to their human on a leash – even if the dog is friendly and well-behaved, other dogs and humans can find them scary or intimidating when they’re not tethered to a human.
  • Ensuring humans are cleaning up the dog’s waste – even if the bag says “compostable” or “biodegradable” it needs to go in the garbage, not in the bushes.
  • Ensuring the dog has a current licence – not only is this the best way to reunite a dog and human if separated, but the funds received help animals at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter.

Dogs and humans demonstrating these behaviours may be rewarded with treats. However, bylaw officers may also ticket those who are breaking these rules.

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