Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Baby Monitor

Well now that was embarrassing. We currently have two house guests. Two very lovely lady friends of my Sweetheart. And late this afternoon I went upstairs for a little privacy time. I just wanted to get away from the hubbub of all the visiting and being nice and all that goes along with that. So I went upstairs to get away from all the smiles and stuff and to just kick back and read my book (The War Room by Warren Kinsella) a little bit.

I lay back in my bed to rest a little, maybe shut my eyes a little…and my nemesis, the fat orange cat starts yowling at my door. I guess it wanted to get away from all the niceties as well. Unfortunately I did not want to have the cat in the room with me; you know how cats are, they are never content to sit beside you and purr. They have to get right in your face or sit directly on top of the book you are trying to read. Just plain annoying.

Instead of getting up and letting the cat into the room I let a string of expletives that include many words beginning with “F” and other assorted rude foulities. Of course my nemesis does not care, he continues to yowl at the door. So I get up, open my door and use my foot to encourage the cat to move along and do some unmentionable things involving procreation, gravel driveway, dough-nuts and so on. The cat leaves me alone.

A little later I decide to come back downstairs. As I enter the living-room everybody looks at me with shock and horror. I look over at the coffee table and notice that the baby monitor is on…with the other part, the listening part, at the top of the stairs, basically just outside my bedroom door. Oops.