Doughnut Love

Doughnut Love – Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last Friday I had a sneak peek inside Doughnut Love – a new doughnut/coffee shop and the interior of the shop is as beautiful looking as their doughnuts are beautiful tasting.

Clint, the doughnut chef (is that actually a baker?) told me that the plan is to have, along with the regular doughnuts they make, six new doughnuts every month to give customers a reason to keep on visiting their shop. As if anyone needs another reason to visit a doughnut shop!

Doughnut Love

The kids and I tried three of their doughnuts. I chose the Apple fritter which pulled into perfect little moist pieces with bits of apple in each bite. Wonderful.

Blonde Bear Daughter chose the raspberry and cream filled doughnut. Loads of creamy filling. Another flavour hit.

And Brown Bear Daughter chose the birthday cake doughnut. I wish all my birthday cakes had this much flavour. Yummy. Perfect texture as I bit into it – yep, I bit into my daughter’s birthday doughnut.

Of course along with doughnuts, the shop will have coffee and all the fancy coffee drinks that people love. I have heard anecdotally that their oat milk coffee drinks are sublime. I have tried oat milk and I very much like it. So, in the name of science, I will try their oat milk coffee drinks.

Which reminds me, Doughnut Love will probably be offering a daily deal where you can get a select doughnut and a coffee for $5. Of course this does not mean just any doughnut they make. I will confirm the special offer deal.

Official opening for Doughnut Love is tomorrow at 6am, yes, that’s Wednesday, June 9th and I will do my best to be first in line for a coffee and doughnut!

Doughnut Love is located in unit 107 – 1655 Como Lake Ave in Coquitlam – just a door down from Doppio Zero Pizza, my favourite pizza joint in the Tri-Cities.