Driving Miss Daisy at the Evergreen Cultural Centre

On the weekend I went with my Sweetheart to the Evergreen Cultural Centre to see an absolutely beautiful stage production of Driving Miss Daisy.

The show had three actors on the simplest of stages and yet it was one of the most beautiful and heartwarming productions I have ever had the pleasure of taking in.

The three actors are, Nicola Lipman as Miss Daisy, Brian Linds as Miss Daisy’s son and John Campbell as Hoke, the man who becomes Miss Daisy’s chauffeur and best friend.

I really do not know how to describe the magic of this play. In two hours we witness two people age from their early seventies to their nineties. And it is truly extraordinary how with very little make-up and no special effects we see these three people age. Something as simple as the way they move about on the stage shows them progressing in age. It really is a beautiful thing.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this performance was the way in which we in the audience witnessed a friendship grow between two people. Their relationship grew right there in front of us on the minimalist set with very little, yet incredibly meaningful dialogue.

This is a beautiful performance. Truly beautiful.

The sad part for you is that this play is done traveling to Metro Vancouver theatres (although it will be on the stages in Nanaimo and Saltspring Island in the next couple of days).

The next time you will be able to sit down in Vancouver and see it is at the Granville Island Stage of the Arts Club Theatre. That performance run goes from February 13th to March 14th.

You can still buy tickets to a performance of this comedy of an unlikely friendship.