Elect Stacey Robinsmith to the SFU Senate

This week I accepted a nomination to the Simon Fraser University Senate. I am nominated as a student rep for the Faculty of Education to the SFU Senate.

If I am elected to the SFU senate I will bring to the SFU senate the same level of energy and enthusiasm that I bring to my teaching. I will work tirelessly while advocating for adequate and sustainable funding for our university. I will work to see that decisions are made in an equitable, open and transparent manner. Integrity, equity and justice for all will be the filter through which I look at all issues. I will remain on the moral high ground and I will always endeavor to do what is right and just.

To learn about me as an individual, visit my page on Facebook “Elect Stacey Robinsmith to the SFU Senate.” Of course I am always available via email, srobinsm@sfu.ca

I thank you in advance for your support.