Emergency Preparedness 

One of the most important things to have on hand in case of an emergency situation that leads to a power failure is ready to eat food. 

My favourite item for this is Chef  Boyardee ravioli. Another food item that you can have on hand for emergency situations is canned beans. 

Sure these foods are not what you typically eat cold, from a can (unless you’re like me and you like them cold, from a can) but I’ll tell you, after the power has been off for 12 hours, a can of mini ravioli may be a welcome addition to your pantry. 

What else have you done to better prepare your home for an emergency situation? 





One response to “Emergency Preparedness ”

  1. Michael Kwan Avatar

    Canned soup and bottled water. And I’ve got a bunch of USB power banks to keep my smartphone(s) going.