Evergreen Line Construction Taking Shape

Evergreen Line Column
Evergreen Line Column

The Evergreen Line project is beginning to take shape, with the first guideway column for the upcoming Metro Vancouver rapid transit line now in place.

The elevated guideway column stands near the south tunnel portal at the corner of Como Lake Avenue and Clarke Road in Coquitlam.

Although it is great to know that the 11-kilometre Evergreen Line will link neighbourhoods in Burnaby, Port Moody and Coquitlam, the even better news is that the Evergreen Line will be fully integrated into the existing system, connecting directly onto the Millennium Line at Lougheed Town Centre Station.

My fear was that passengers would have to get off the Evergreen Line trains, walk over to the Millenium Line station and try to cram themselves onto an already full train.

Apparently, my fear that the powers-that-be are creating another transit debacle like the one that exists at the Broadway Station are unfounded. However, we will have to wait until 2016 to see just how well the system connects with the other lines.





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  1. Victor Avatar

    That is cool, I was not aware that the Evergreen line would be that integrated into the existing line.