Fathers’ Day

Had a pretty darn good Fathers’ Day. After spending a bit of time with my girls at my father’s place watching the US Open golf stuff, I came home (with the twins) to a pasta feast. Pasta is my all-time favourite meal.

My Sweetheart made me spaghettini with a tomato sauce with Yves veggie ground round meatballs. Tres delicious.

Me, after I heard I was having a pasta feast for dinner.
Me, after I heard I was having a pasta feast for dinner.

It was quite nifty how this evening before bedtime the Bears were both quite “clingy” to me. They clamber over one another to try and block their competition from hugging me.

At one point Brown Bear climbed up into my lap and rested her head on my shoulder and let out a sigh of contentment. Bliss. I figure it is because they know it is Fathers’ Day. Certainly made me feel special today.

Now the twins are in bed, asleep and I can sit back and enjoy the rest of my second Fathers’ Day.

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  1. A friend of ours dropped in last night. He’d been at his mother’s – in the garage. With his beloved Cortina that he is restoring.

    The way he figures it, Father’s Day is a 2nd Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, mom gets breakfast in bed, then Dad clears out with the kids to give mom some space. On Father’s Day, maybe he gets some dodgy breakfast, depending on the age of his kids and then he takes them out for some quality Dad time. Doesn’t look so different.

    So, this year, he did the day as usual, until about 3:00 pm when this busy father said, the best thing I can imagine in the whole world would be a few hours to work on my car. And, because it was Father’s Day, he got it.

    With any luck, the grass was cut when he found his way home for the kids’ bedtime.

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