Fermented Buckwheat Loaf

I posted a picture of a buckwheat bread or loaf the other day and said I would be sharing the recipe shortly.  

 As it turns out fermented buckwheat bread or, what I call buckwheat loaf, is actually pretty simple to make.

There are all sorts of recipes to be found on Pinterest but basically the ingredients are buckwheat, water, and salt.

Here in short strokes is the method – soak buckwheat in water overnight. The next morning drain and strain most of the slimy water off, blend the remaining mixture in a food processor with an additional cup of water, some salt and sesame or sunflower seeds.

Pour the mixture back into a glass bowl and let it sit, covered with a cloth for 24 hours. Next step, pour the mixture into a loaf pan and bake.

It is that easy. 

At this point you may be saying, what kind of a recipe is this? Where are the details, the instructions and the measures used? Well, if you want to know the quantities and exact instructions you can and SHOULD, visit the person who has done the leg work and some fermentation experimentation with buckwheat bread or loaf, Phickle dot com

If you make this buckwheat bread please feel free to let me know in the comments section how yours turned out. 





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