First dinner in an actual restaurant with the twins

Here is a pic of all of us in the Dragon Palace in New Westminster. We wanted to try going out as family and it went well. I will add more of the story later.

Stacey, Annalie, Story and Caragh at the Dragon Palace
Stacey, Annalie, Story and Caragh at the Dragon Palace

And here is the rest of the restaurant shortly before we were told we could have our meal free if we decided to have it as a take-out order.

Dragon Palace in New West
Dragon Palace in New West

We would say it was a positive experience for the twins and us.





2 responses to “First dinner in an actual restaurant with the twins”

  1. Simon Isbister Avatar
    Simon Isbister

    Hi Stacey- I found your site through a post on the LR list-serve. What beautiful girls!

    Mine is 16 months- the first time we took her to a restaurant, it was out for sushi in Ladner. Four-week old Aaden was in my arms, and when the food arrived, I feebly tried to lean forward to snag some sashimi. I must have appeared awkward, because a voice from a neighboring table appeared out of nowhere; “Would you like me to hold your baby while you eat? Please!”

    It was two moms, with their teenage daughters (one of whom I recognized from the highschool where I teach). My wife and I looked at each other, shrugged, and handed our little bundle over. The teens were both in a choir, and spent the next 20 minutes singing various lullabies, while the whole restaurant looked on, smiling. A very special memory, and a real indicator of the power that newborns have.


  2. stacey Avatar

    What a beautiful story you have shared! I love it! Sometimes the help that comes from those around is so unexpected that it is extra-specially appreciated. Every day I feel I new sense of awe and wonder at how wonderful life is with these tiny miracles in my life; I’m so glad you have had similar experiences.