#5 Dads Go Wild

Flashback to Our End of the Summer Camping Trip

Disclosure: the #5DadsGoWild camping trip was made possible through the generous support of a number of businesses – some I mention in the following blog post, including Ford Canada, the Bluemoose Cafe, House of Knives, Farm Town Meats, Stanley and their amazing thermos French Press, and others. However, editorial control as always, is mine.

Ahh … summer 2019. Such a great summer capped off with a weekend with my dad buds in the Lone Duck group campsite in the amazing Manning Park.

Once again we had awesome sponsors for our trip. We had all the bacon and meat we needed – and extra to take home compliments of Josh at Farm Town Meats in Burnaby – my go-to for all things meat.

The team at House of Knives supplied us with survival gear and sharp and shiny knives for everyday carry – who doesn’t need a knife in their pocket? Super handy for opening packages (and candy wrappers). Which does beg the question, why are candy wrappers so difficult to open?

And Ford Canada… they loaned us the mighty Ford Expedition which I had the pleasure of driving for the week leading up to our camping trip.

Honestly, it was awesome to drive such a big vehicle. The sight lines from the driver’s seat are awesome. Sitting up high makes it so easy to see all around the vehicle. Loved it.

Truly an exceptional truck for a large family or moving your dad blogger team around the southern interior of B.C. Ultra-Comfortable and powerful.

Of course Wes and his team at the Blue Moose Cafe in Hope BC fueled our dad bods with coffee for four of us – funny thing, James, the Englishman in our group drinks coffee and Dale is the tea drinker in our group. All good fuel for dads.

However, even though we had survival gear from House of Knives, endless bacon, trail mix fromMcSweeney’s with beef and pork jerky – it really does “work” – and a comfy ride from Ford, what we didn’t have is warm weather!

It snowed! Snow on our “end of the summer”camping trip! Even so, the snow made for incredible images. Even if I was concerned that I may never walk again after waking up, nearly frozen to the ground!

Seeing as we have already reserved the Lone Duck campsite at Manning Park for the same end of September weekend in 2020, I’m now planning what gear to bring for the coming year.

Yes, I’ve got a good sleeping bag, but having the tent collapse on me under the snow load, plus sleeping on the cold ground because my air mattress deflated faster than the Toronto Maple Leafs hopes of winning a Stanley Cup…I’m carefully planning next years sleeping arrangement. Maybe I’ll bring a camp cot.

However, in spite of the cold and the snow, we had an incredible weekend of conversations.

Hanging out alongside – or actually in – Lightning Lake, hiking through the trails of Strawberry Flats, sitting around the campfire and talking without having any kids saying “I’m bored” was such a welcome break from everything.

And add in the fact that we discovered that there is a pub in the lower level of the Manning Park Resort, well guaranteed, we will be back for the third annual #5DadsGoWild camping trip to Manning Park.

Here’s to being even better prepared next year!

What do you use to keep warm and comfortable? Other than a motor home! Sleeping cot? Mattress? What gear do you recommend for me for next years #5dadsgowild trip?