What is Your Food Court Favourite?

Just a quick question for my readers today; what is the best mall food court food?

Food Court
Food Court

Some time ago I was listening to a sports radio show and they were trying to say that Arby’s is the best mall food court food. I am not so sure.

If you are in the mall (yikes), what is your “go-to” mall food?

Feel free to comment here on this post. You do not have to add in your real name nor your email address. Just your thoughts.


  1. I am addicted to poutine from New York Fries, but I also love Orange Julius or Jugo Juice (or equal) to drink and if I am hungry-hungry and a poutine won’t do it, I love Opa Greek food or Bourbon Street Grill. Can’t go wrong with Taco Time – if they still exist.

  2. Yikes indeed! But every now and then a food court meal is a sanity-saving necessity. My go-tos, if they are available: Vina for a roll-dip with noodles and salad; Nandos for a spicy chicken something; or A&W for a mama burger and root beer.

  3. I’d have to agree with previous mentions of New York Fries and Orange Julius. Definite mall food treats, and the kids love ’em. Also, love those quick Asian stir fry joints that cook up the fresh ingredients you choose.

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