Food Pics From the Victoria Day Weekend 

Just a selection of food pics from my Victoria Day long weekend.

Romer's Burgers

To begin, a little ribeye steak from Romer’s Burgers in Port Moody. Very good.

Romer's Burgers

And you can’t have a steak without dessert. Drunken Donuts and a very lovely, very light cheesecake from Romer’s Burgers. And no, those are not ants on the cheesecake, they are chocolate flecks.

293 Wallace

On Friday night I headed up the Fraser Canyon to install a new countertop and a new-to-me range in the cabin. Of course dinner was at 293 Wallace St. Smoked salmon on risotto with a little chard greens. Rich, rich, rich flavours.

293 Wallace

And the new stove. Yep, it needs to be dusted off before I start running the test kitchen.


And then Saturday afternoon was spent at Trattoria on Kingsway, in Burnaby. I had the breakfast pizza which was pretty good. The service was pretty disappointing.

Free Bird Chicken

Sunday I went to New Westminster’s Rivermarket where I had a bowl of pho made with dark chicken broth. It was a fabulous bowl of soup.

Free Bird Chicken

To go with the pho, I had a small plate of fried brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Wowzer. Flavour-flavour. Salty, sweet, sour, and spicy in every bite.

That’s it. Just some food pics.






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