Foodbank Fundraiser Failure

Today we found a way to get some peace and quiet with the twins. And how is that? A drive in the car. We were headed down to the new CBC  building for the Foodbank fundraiser and the kids had been quite squeaky all afternoon.Once we loaded them into the car seats and got the car moving they both just fell asleep. And it was a deep and quiet sleep. Bliss.

But about the CBC Foodbank fundraiser, I have a couple of bottles of BC wine in a pine beetle wooden box carved with a First Nations design on it. The box and the Jackson Triggs wine is from VANOC as a commemorative thing. My idea was to drive down to the CBC and donate the wine in the wooden box to the fundraiser. The CBC could have said that they have the box and would give it to the first person who donated so-and-so many dollars to the Foodbank fundraiser.

Notice I say “could have.” Fortunately for me, I phoned on my way downtown and asked what time the fundraiser was going to be going on until. They asked why…I said why, they came back and said that they were not accepting any new items to auction. Too bad for them; I still have a couple of nice Jackson Triggs wine to drink at some point. And we went for a little drive and let the girls sleep.