Forage Catering

I was at an event yesterday evening (more on the event in the coming day – unless you follow my adventures on Instagram where I’ve already spilled the story). Any way, at last night’s event, the catering was done by Chef Craig Sherer of Forage Catering. Oh my goodness did Chef and his team put on a beautiful display of culinary skills!

The first little delectable bite to come out were these beautiful salmon skewers with a little dusting of nut crumb with nasturtium leaves to complement the presentation.

Next to come out we’re these spoons with a couple slices of heirloom tomato in a herb sauce. That is also tiny dollop of goat cheese on top. One of my daughters loved them so much! She told Chef Sherer and he actually went back and prepped a couple more just for her.

Somehow I didn’t get a photo of the wedges of baby yellow beets that came of the prep area. My kids didn’t like them as much as the tomato spoons but I loved baby beet wedges on skewers.

Then dessert started coming out. These little gems were “apple pie”. Balls of compressed apple (insanely sweet!) on a thin and very flaky pastry base.

Exquisite. I think I ate the equivalent of an entire apple pie, one little morsel at a time.

Of course we can’t just have “healthy” apple pie. We need two-bite sized tarts filled with chocolate mousse with a fresh raspberry delicately set on each tart as well!

Then back to our “healthy” ways of eating fresh fruit – blueberry tarts with a perfect little daisy cut out of fondant. Just the right size for two bites and no mess.

I am now itching to get down to the Forage restaurant on Robson, actually located in the space where O’Douls previously existed – O’Douls – such good times in the 90s … ahhh. If the menu and food philosophy at the Forage restaurant is anything like their catering, I’m sure I’ll love it.