Forget the Hiatus; I Remember Why I Blog!!

Yesterday I posted a note saying that I was taking a hiatus from blogging until I figured out why I write my blog. And then yesterday afternoon I went with the family to Granville Island and bought a couple of slices of prosciutto. That piece of glorified ham reminded me why I am into blogging.

So why is it that I blog? I love blogging because, believe it or not, blogging slows me down. Yes, that is correct, blogging makes me slow down and savour the many delicate flavours of life.

You see, if I am going to write an informed article about a meal I had in a restaurant I need to take the time to truly appreciate the many flavours of the food that I am eating. I taste the subtle flavour combinations and I notice the way that food feels on my tongue. I take the time to appreciate the presentation of the food and the care that has gone into its creation.

When I am at the theatre I now feel so much more involved in the stage production. I care about what I see and notice if it is a raked or raised stage. I take the time observe the interactions between the players on the stage.

When I check into a hotel room I see it is as more than a room with a bed to sleep in. I take the time to notice the bedding and the additional pieces of furniture in the room. I notice the lay out of the room and the lay-out of the floor plan. I care what the view from the room is and I notice the manner in which I am greeted and treated at an establishment.

My reasons for blogging are somewhat selfish. Blogging forces me to slow down and take notice of the flavours in surroundings. However, I also realized that I blog because I like to share my experiences with you. I like to talk to you about the funny, the sad, the amusing and the silly things that I encounter. And blogging is my chance to talk to you about all of these things.

I truly appreciate each and every individual who checks in here. And remember, you are free to comment on any post I write, if you want to. Even though it looks like you need to enter an email address to post your comment, you DO NOT need to.

Thanks for sharing this ongoing conversation with me.


  1. What’s with men and bacon? It’s some weird relationship that I’ll never understand…although I do like prosciutto. I’m glad you’ve decide to keep blogging. From all the blogs I’ve been reading lately, your reasons are as justified as anyone else’s. It’s been suggested to me that I should blog, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that yet. Most of the blogs I read are on Blogspot/Blogger and it makes it easy to follow if you have a Gmail account. Think about blog hopping and getting some more followers…sounds like it could be a fun community! My husband, baby and I went to the beach today and it reminded me that we all could use some slowing down sometimes.

  2. Glad to hear your back, although this ridiculous craving for bacon at 10:30 at night is making me resent your blog just a little bit 😉

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