Friday Freebie Compliments of Hartman Leather

As some of my readers will remember, a couple of months ago, I visited Dave Hartman, the creative leather craftsman who owns Hartman Leather on Granville Island in Vancouver BC.

I recently returned to Hartman’s for a follow up visit and managed to have a brief chat with Dave himself. I have to say, the briefcases, bags and belts that he crafts are exquisitely beautiful.

Hartman Briefcase
Hartman Briefcase

Impeccable stitching, perfectly finished edges, hardware you know will never fail and an attention to detail that is quite breath-taking.

Unfortunately, Dave Hartman is not much of an internet entrepreneur so unless you live in or near Vancouver BC, or you are planning a visit here, it will be very difficult for you to purchase anything from Hartman. Yes, he does have a website but it is not geared toward selling his bags and gear. (If you were set on owning a Hartman bag or what-not, you could always get me to buy it, pay me through PayPal and I could then ship it you).

I wouldn’t blame you, his craftsmanship is exquisitely beautiful. The briefcase in the picture above is an example of the classic and straight-forward lines that will always be in style.

However, even though it may be difficult for you to purchase a bag, briefcase or belt from Dave while I was in Dave’s shop, I spotted a basket full of Hartman Leather key fobs.

His leather key fobs are shaped like a fish with a sun shining on the tail of the fish.

Hartman Keyfob
Hartman Leather Key Fob

Knowing that key fobs make great giveaway items, I asked Dave if I could have one for that purpose.

He was more than happy to oblige so here we are…a Hartman Leather key fob giveaway is in action.

As I have done for most of the other giveaways, all you need to do is make a comment on this blog post with a number of your choice between one (1) and one hundred (100).

On Sunday, June 16th 2013 at 6PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) I will use the Random Number Generator App to find the winning number.

The winner will be the individual who has the number closest to the winning random number that I generate. In the event of a tie where two numbers are guessed, one higher than the winning number I have generated and the other lower, the winning number will be the one that is lower than the winning number I have generated.

As always, although you will want to put your email address in the comment form (so that I can contact you if in fact you are the lucky winner), I will NOT collect your email address nor send you anything remotely resembling spam. In fact, I will probably never even look at your email address unless you are the lucky winner.

I do ask that the winner of the key fob pay the cost of shipping from the post office near me to your home.

Have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

If you do want to have another look at the Hartman Leather shop, here is a link to the video I shot of his shop;



  1. I have one of those key fobs kicking around here or I did before I moved. Got the fob when I bought a belt from Hartman 10 years or so back. It is a great belt and use it all the time….just found the fob in my night table. I want another one 🙂 , my number is


    If I win I’ll save you the shipping and pick it up

  2. The winning number for the key fob is … drum roll, please … 31 … that is thirty-one. That means Josh with his birthday magical addition of 32 is the winner of the Hartman Leather key fob. Thanks all for playing along.

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