Friday Super-Saver Gourmet Hotdog

One of the things I really wanted to try at this year’s PNE (other than the deep-fried butter, yes, that is correct, deep-fried butter) was the 24″ gourmet hotdog topped with an entire pound of chili con carne, green onions, bacon bits, grilled peppers and cheese sauce. However, add the gate admission of $20 per adult and more than $20 for the hotdog, the PNE is simply out of reach for many people.

So I figured I cannot be the only person in this financial predicament. Hence today’s Super-Saver idea.

My solution was to stop into Costco yesterday and create my very own gourmet hotdog. Although my hotdog creation was not a full 24″ of hotdog, my gourmet hotdog creation was 16″, and it could very easily be expanded to become a 24″ dog.

The Costco Gourmet Hotdog
The Costco Gourmet Hotdog

Feast your eyes on this gourmet hotdog creation! You will notice that this dog not only comes with all the sauer kraut, onions, jalapeno peppers, ketchup, mustard and relish you want, it also comes with, drum roll, FRENCH FRIES AND GRAVY!!

Yes, this gourmet hotdog can be created to satisfy your individual taste desire.


Not only does it come with french fries and gravy, it comes with not one, but two refillable 16 ounce fountain drinks.

The best part of this is taste bonanza? Have a look…

The Super-Saver Costco Price
The Super-Saver Costco Price


All of this feast is yours for $6.15. And if you decide to go for the 24″ size, add another $1.50 (plus HST) to the bill and you are in business.

Enjoy this Friday Super-Saver idea today, tomorrow or any day because unlike the PNE, Costco is open virtually everyday.





7 responses to “Friday Super-Saver Gourmet Hotdog”

  1. Sophie Avatar

    I think I will enjoy this Friday super saver deal TOMORROW…it being Thursday today 😉

  2. stacey Avatar

    You ever put on a jacket you haven’t worn in quite awhile, reach into the pocket and find a $20 bill? Today I reached into life and pulled out an EXTRA DAY OF LIFE!! I thought today was Friday, but it is in fact Thursday for all day and part of the night!! Wooohooo!!

  3. Pat Avatar

    Hey Stacey: With you being an expert in good QUALITY local food, I am a little bit surprised that a COSTCO hot dog falls anywhere near quality (or food), and look forward to your next Friday super-saver for something better to “chew” on.

  4. stacey Avatar

    Oh Pat, you need to realize that Friday Super-Savers are not always about quality but rather a way for the working class to save a few bucks. And, Costco hotdogs come with your choice of an all-beef dog or a Polish sausage made from top quality, unidentifiable meats. And French Fries? Made of potatoes and everyone knows that potatoes are loaded with vitamin C. Add in your ketchup (tomatoes that are also vitamin C), jalapeno peppers and you have a nutritious and reasonably priced meal or two.

  5.  Avatar

    Oh my, don’t eat too much of this! I think most people eat hotdogs for the condiments.

  6. Erlinda Avatar

    mmm….hot dog good! even better for $6.15!

  7. Hungry girl Avatar
    Hungry girl

    Two polish sausage hotdogs, two drinks, and french fries for $6.15? Who’s in for lunch?

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