Front Porch Stairs Replacement

I am psychologically and emotionally preparing myself for the job of replacing the stairs that lead to the front-door of our home.

Front Porch Stairs
Front Porch Stairs

Although I have never done a job like this before, I’m thinking, how difficult could this be? Really how hard could it be to build a set of stairs?

I was a master at Lego when I was a kid so I figure those skills are pretty transferrable to a job like replacing the front porch stairs.

And the fact of the matter is, I have three days off work next week when I have nothing to do other than watch our twin toddlers and 11 week old puppy.

I’ll let you know how it goes.





3 responses to “Front Porch Stairs Replacement”

  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    I wish you great amounts of luck and patience. Having worked in construction – and been married to people who know how to do these things – well, let’s just return to the, “I wish you great amounts of luck and patience, and measure 64 times/cut once.”

  2. Nancy Avatar

    You can do it!! Just use the old stairs as a pattern!! :))

  3. Christopher Avatar

    I’ve done this, and like you, just jumped in my first time and figured it out. You’ll be rightfully proud of the results. Caitlyn and Nancy have good advice. The stringers are the hard part. Take your time on those and the rest falls pretty well into place. Good luck.