Front Porch; Step One

The first and most important step in any home renovation job is to go a Big Box Retailer and buy as many massive power tools as you can reasonably rationalize.

Ridgid Drill
Ridgid Drill

That was exactly what I did this morning. I went to the local Home Depot and bought myself a cordless drill like device.

Next up will be a visit to the nearest sawmill/lumberyard to acquire some wood.


  1. The difficulty of any home renovation job is measured by the number of trips that you have to make to the hardware store. Your current score is 2 which seems like a very simple job. Nonetheless, keep us posted so we can keep your difficulty score up to date. Good luck.

  2. I just blew $500 bucks on Home Depot’s Makita 18v Li-ion set. That’s a lotta cash. But heh… the last Makita cordless drill lasted many years of abuse. Good luck with the reno.

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