Front Porch Step Three

Today was my favourite kind of construction day; a day to wildly swing a sledge hammer and wield a mean pry-bar. Today was the de-construction day of the construction project.

Car with Lumber
Car with Lumber

However, let me step back a bit to the time before the de-construction began. When I originally went to Sunbury Cedar I bought two 7′ 4x4s. As it turns out, I need one 9′ 4×4 cut into 26 1/2″ pieces.

So while the pic looks cool, that is actually me returning the 7 footers. The very nice yard crew at Sunbury Cedar, each and everyone who complimented me on my very stylish Gene Simmons Money Bag, were very helpful and actually did the cutting into 26 1/2″ pieces right there for me. This saved me the trouble of trying to cut them myself with my circular saw. Hurrah for the Sunbury Cedar radial arm-saw and operator!

Once I had that little task over and done with I was free to come home and begin my demolition.

Front Steps Demolition
Front Steps Demolition

I kept the landing pad here so that I can use it as a work-bench for the cutting of the stringers.

Also, on that landing you can see the fancy new Ridgid cordless drill thingy I bought. The thing works like a charm!

Tomorrow before it gets too hot I will go out and measure the new stringers and get them cut.

And that is it for now! More tomorrow.






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