Getting a Christmas tree for the family home

Today was the day that my Sweetheart decided that we go out and get our Christmas tree. Even though we have a beautiful artificial tree, she decided that this year we needed a live tree. So out on the road we go.

First stop was the Como Lake Garden Centre on Clark Road and Como Lake Ave along the Burnaby/Coquitlam border. They have beautiful trees; the most beautiful tree they have on their lot is the Alpine Spruce tree.

Alpine Spruce Tree
Alpine Spruce Tree

The fact that I’m guessing each tree is probably 200 years old doesn’t seem to matter, they are gorgeous. And $60 each.

$60 for a tree that within a month I am going to be firing over the back fence into the neighbour’s yard? I don’t think so.

Me being the more thrifty person in the family, I said we could just drive up Burnaby Mountain, wander off the beaten track and I could cut down a beauty of a tree for our family.

My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree

So I suited up in my Carhartt bib overalls, slipped into my steel toe boots, donned my hard hat, protective ear covering and got at it.

Did you know that it is a criminal offense to cut down a tree on public land?


  1. Getting that sucker up your nice new exterior stairs is going to be a tiny bit tricky.

    P.S. If I were getting a live tree I would go to IKEA where they would let me heave it back at them in a month and give me a coupon to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need but would enjoy buying. But that’s just ’cause the last time I used a chain saw it wasn’t pretty … at least for the guy who came up behind me and startled me.

  2. You needed a permit. Then it’s fine. Alternatively, if you were to ship it overseas to be processed, then you could get tax credits from our provincial government.

  3. Too funny! Friends of mine went up to Squamish to do the same thing. Got away with it too! But theirs were much more manageable, although not nearly as exciting to get home:). Merry Christmas to you!

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