Good news on Breast pump situation

So on the weekend I stood in the pharmacy across from the Royal Columbian Hospital and hum and hawed about whether to buy a new breast pump seeing as ours had quit early Saturday morning. The guy in the pharmacy, can’t remember the name of the place right now, told me that the price of the Medella double breast pump was the best price I would find on the city. Still it was $335…money we simply do not have to spend. I had ten minutes to decide. I returned to the car and we said no, we wouldn’t buy it even though after we checked the price for the same model at Baby’s World and found they are selling it for $370. We said no to the buy.

Good decision! We went up to our local Shoppers Drugmart and Stephen the pharmacist rented us a pump for the interim. As it turns out, we had the kit that all users usually need to purchase when you use a rental pump…someone had given it to us when we bought a bassinet from them! Talk about coincidences. That saved us $50 off the rental cost.

And then this morning we called BC Womens’ and Children’s where we bought our now broken pump. Super customer service. They were very supportive and gave us the phone number for the Aveta distributor, Mothers’ Choice Products. The distributor said to fax in the proof of purchase, the next day they would have a courier pick up the broken pump and then the following day they would have a courier drop off a new pump! Bing-bang boom.

In that moment of indecion we saved oursleves close to $400. Sweet.

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  1. And to make today even a bit better, the twins got a call from their acting agent and they have an audition tomorrow morning!

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