Guilty Food Pleasures

Guilty food pleasures…so many…so many…perhaps my all time favourite will always be those flavour packed little gems of potato…tater tots or tater gems, whatever you choose to call them.



These amazing little fellers are just such a guilty pleasure. Tater tots, tater gems, french fries…potatoes…golden fried…

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Commenting is unmoderated so that means you do not need to attach your real name when you post up that you really do love pan-fried spam (truth be told it really is pretty yummy).

Come on, share your guilty pleasure.


  1. Yorkshire pudding….but not the shoe-sized, greasy loaf people often make with roast beef. Use a cupcake pan. Heat the pan with some fat (beef drippings best) and drop in batter of flour, milk and egg (whipped up and chilled in the fridge for an hour). Bake at 350…watch the little lovelies expand. Pull out, dollop with gravy and fold them and eat them by hand, gravy dripping everywhere. Repeat until a cardiologist is called in. Everything a growing boy needs…baked goods and fat.

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