Halloween Haunted Houses in Metro Vancouver

Today is the last day to enjoy them but I just wanted to give a shout out to two of the fabulous Halloween Haunted Houses that are spooktacular.

The first is the Dunbar Haunted House. I went to this one in the year before we had the twins and I have to say, it is unbelievable. They now have a website so you can read up on it before you go. Warning, after dark it is scary. Like pee your pants, Hershey kiss scary primarily because things move that you do not expect to move. A must see.

The other Halloween Haunted House that we liked is in the Coquitlam part of the Tri-Cities. Located at 443 Draycott (just south of Austin Ave.). It was more fun than scary. Lots of little kids moving through the site.

They have filled their yard with Halloween-themed stuff to great effect. In the driveway is a haunted van with a pretty scary looking scene inside it. Funny, I found it more scary than I think the little ones did!

The cool thing about both of these houses is that the money that people donate at the sites is all collected for charities.

Two places worth checking out. Do you know of anymore that I could add to my list?






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  1. Laura Bajic Avatar
    Laura Bajic

    We’re going to go check this one out tonight in Langley – a friend helps put it together every year. All donations go to charity.

    Friday, October 29 at 6:00pm – October 31 at 9:00pm
    19128 58th Ave. Surrey
    Pater Tot
    Join us for the Pate’s annual charitable Haunted house!

    Every year we transform our front lawn, garage and driveway into a spooktacular haunted house. Be warned that this isn’t your typical disneyland haunted house. Equipt with live actors and suprises around every corner, even the manliest men will be terrifyed to continue further. With a path set up, you must go forward to get out (even if it means walking past butcher cl…owns chopping limbs).

    Since there is just not enough time to experience all you want on the 31st, we are running the event Friday-Sunday from 6pm-9pm to ensure eveyone gets a chance to sqeeze in a few scares.

    The haunted house is by donation and all proceeds will be going toward the BCCCPA group, an organization helping families involved with childhood cancer.

    Here’s a video of the house taken in 2008. Each year the set up is different so come check out what we have goin on this year.


    See ya there scaredy cats!See More