Hamlet at Bard on the Beach

Just a quick post here for now…today Sweetheart and I took in the matinee performance of Hamlet at Bard on The Beach. In one word; WOW.

This is an unforgettable show. Jonathan Young plays the part of Hamlet and the other actors on the stage with him, while good, were simply supporting players in this extraordinary one-man show.

The last time I saw a performance of Hamlet (in a previous season of Bard on the Beach) it was Opehlia’s death scene that shook my world. Watching her come apart was breath-taking and shocking.

This season, it is Jonathan Young as Hamlet who steals the show. His non-stop action IS the show.

More later. If you want to go see this extraordinary show, visit the Bard website or call them at 604-739-0559. Either way, do see this show.