Happy Hour at Vancouver Fish Company

I was in Vancouver near Granville Island the other day for a meeting so I took the opportunity to drive down onto Granville Island and … gasp … I got A PARKING SPOT!!

After my meeting, my daughter and I wandered around the market a little and visited The Lobsterman. Daughter was intrigued by the scallops they had for sale there so we asked where we could go to try eating them. They recommended The Vancouver Fish Company, which is located right near the entrance to Granville Island.

Vancouver Fish Company

I have to admit that I had a pretty solid case of sticker shock when I saw their menu. All we wanted to do was try scallops but everything on the menu was in the $25-35 range – and not what I would call “kid friendly”.

Did I want to buy an entree for thirty bucks and have a kid not like it? Yikes. Fortunately the server said, “Do you know it is happy hour here between 3 and 6pm?” And then she presented me with the menu (as pictured above).

Vancouver Fish Company

We started with the Rock Fish Fritters. Six bucks? What a steal of a deal!! They were light and flavourful and not greasy at all. Great balance of fish to batter. Daughter and I both loved these and would definitely order these again.

Vancouver Fish Company

And the scallops. They only have them as a side “add-on” dish on the main menu for $19 so that is what we got. The server said they come on a skewer but they didn’t. And I was glad they didn’t. They had a beautiful presentation on a bed of braised kale.

The texture and the flavour? 100% on point. Out of this world amazingly delicious. They melted between my teeth with a minimal bite.

Perhaps the best part? Although these were the scallops my daughter really wanted to try, she admitted that they weren’t to her liking – so I got to eat them all. My lucky day.

Vancouver Fish Company

To finish off our happy hour meal, we had a $9 bowl of mussels cooked in a chipotle coconut lime sauce. We opted for the side of fries and not the garlic bread.

The mussels were excellent. Plump and juicy. I particularly enjoyed the chipotle coconut lime sauce/broth that they were cooked in. I was almost ready to lick the bowl to get the last drops of it.

The fries were also very nice.

I am not sure I can afford to take my family to The Vancouver Fish Company and order off the regular menu but I will certainly be returning to eat from their happy hour menu again.

  • Our bill was around $40 for the two of us with a glass of fresh lemonade and no alcohol.
  • Definitely recommended and we will be returning – between 3 and 6 pm during their Happy Hour. 
  • The Vancouver Fish Company is located at; 1517 Anderson Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC


  1. Good review…but no mention of just when ‘Happy Hour’ is on at this fish company. An important detail.

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