Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the people who have “mothered” others.

Put picture of my Mom here – except she won’t ever let anyone take her picture.

Mother’s Day is a tough day for many. Particularly those in the restaurant business. And perhaps equally difficult for those in the flower business. But to be honest, today can be a tough day for those who’ve lost their mother’s or who had a less than ideal relationship with their mother.

With that note, today I want to acknowledge my mother.

My mom was not a perfect mother. And I’ll add that she is still not a perfect mother. But when you consider what happened to the only person who allegedly was a perfect person, who would want to be perfect after that?

But my mom. As I said, I have not always had an ideal relationship with my mother. We have disagreed and gone our separate ways for days, weeks, or months at a time. But we’ve always come back to each other.

Usually with a grudging “I’m waiting for you to apologize first” approach. And typically, we work through our differences.

And I know that no matter what my mom said or did, her motivation was her endless love for me and her family.

Yep, I often thought/think she is as crazy as a shit-house rat has a different point of view than me. But I know that she has always been motivated by love for her family.

Doesn’t mean we agree. It just is the way it is.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. And happy Mother’s Day to all the other moms out there.