Harvesting Volunteer Garlic

This morning I took advantage of the few brief minutes of sunshine that we had and dug up some of the volunteer garlic that it been growing in one of my garden pots.


As I said, these were volunteers. They were pieces of garlic that were left in the pot from a previous year and so when they grew they did not grow the typical large head of garlic that we are used to.

However the small heads that did develop are absolutely packed with flavor and are very useful for cooking.


Of course before harvesting the garlic bulbs I took scissors and cut off the tops. The tops, called scapes, are also very delicious and useful when cooking.

If you cut the scapes early enough they are tender and make a nice addition to a green salad. However, if you wait, like I did, they are a little bit tougher and not so good in same green salad. Then they’re useful or very add a nice flavor to pasta sauces or stirfried vegetables.

This is just one more example of how easy it is to grow food yourself. In fact I didn’t even intend to grow this garlic. It just volunteered and came up on its own. That’s how easy it is. Take back the power, grow your own food.