Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

I am really wondering if Facebook Facebook jumped the shark. Or put another way, is Facebook relevant anymore?

It used to be that Facebook gave me a glimpse into my friends lives (close friends or acquaintances – as Facebook defines them). I knew stuff like how my friend’s holiday trip was, when they were going to be at their cabin (even though we are told this is a super-scary thing to do because THIEVES are following all of us and will break-in when we are away!!) and how many kittens or puppies were born in my friend’s sock drawer.

Some, although very few, actually shared pictures of what they had for lunch or supper (that is more typically found on Instagram).

Granted I do have a select few friends (Facebook and IRL) who still share their experiences with me on Facebook but they are few and far between.

Now what do I find on Facebook? Endless videos of cats. Pictures of cats. Super cat videos. And Jimmy Fallon videos of him doing stupid lip sync battles. News bloopers. Sappy stories of lost cats.

Seriously, Facebook has jumped the shark.