Help a Blogger; Please Subscribe 

You may have noticed that I changed the appearance of my blog … again. This time my changes were only cosmetic; the look of the blog has changed but not much else.

Not like the last time I made a big change to the blog where I moved everything around. That big blog move destroyed my email list – all you readers who I had cajoled into subscribing to my blog – all that cajoling – and my email list was vaporized. Gone.

Yep, a few of you have subscribed again, but nothing compared to what I had before.


So if you want to help me and my blog, go ahead and subscribe again. Do like the messy picture above shows:

  • First – enter your email address.
  • Second – click “subscribe”

That’s it. And then whenever I post something brilliant you will receive an email with an excerpt from the new blog post and a link so that you can read the rest of it. Actually, even if it is not a brilliant piece of writing you will receive an email.

And if you already subscribe? Thanks!!

As a bonus help to me and the blog, you can also click and like the Facebook page I have set up for the blog. That’s on the side just below the Subscribe option.

Thanks again!!