Help! What do I Wear to the World Premiere of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling?

Well I was very pleased to see the Vancouver Opera blog announce who the other live-bloggers were going to be for the world premiere of Lillian Alling. I am pleased to be sharing the blogger table at the Vancouver Opera opening night of Lillian Alling with: Frances Sprout, Miranda Lievers and Nik Belonio.

And of course once I knew who else was going to be live-blogging alongside me at the world premiere (I love saying that! When was the last time there was a world premiere of an opera in Vancouver?) I felt inclined to check out their blogs to see how they are preparing for tomorrow night’s performance of Lillian Alling.

I was shocked to find out that they are already considering what they are going to wear to the opera. I had not given this a thought until I saw that the other live-bloggers were going to be treating this like a real dress-up affair. So that got me thinking about what I will be wearing.

Should I wear my high-mileage burgundy Boulets?

Burgundy Boulets
Burgundy Boulets

My burgundy Boulets have seen many hard miles but still hold a perfect shine once I put a bit of elbow-grease into them. They do have some wear marks on them that are difficult to disguise but they are as comfortable as a pair of slippers and work quite nicely with a couple of my suits.

My other footwear option; my relatively new black Boulets.

Black Boulets
Black Boulets

My black Boulets are the boots that I wore on the day that my Sweetheart and I got married. These boots have become one of my favourite pair of boots. They are not as well-worn as my burgundy Boulets, and as such will accept a polish more readily than my burgundy Boulets. And really, a pair of black Boulets is the equivalent of a woman’s “little black dress”, they really do go with anything I wear.

I have already decided to take my Dayton Black Beauties, Drivers, and Sidekicks out of the mix. But I need your help on my final decision; which boots do I wear to the world premiere of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling? Please help me out!!

Here is a pic of the suit I have decided to wear;

Stacey in a suit
Stacey in a suit





8 responses to “Help! What do I Wear to the World Premiere of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling?”

  1. Kelsey Keller Avatar
    Kelsey Keller

    what suit you wearing?

  2. caitlyn James Avatar

    Seriously? You own a suit? … Are you talking about your motorcycle suit?

    Damn! Now, I wish I’d bought my tickets for this weekend instead of next weekend. Does live blogging include pictures of the blogger? Perhaps a whole line-up of bloggers?

    Okay, to the nitty gritty of this dilemma. First off, you are so not practiced at this. You haven’t really given us a choice. You’ve told us the black ones are the obvious choice.

    However, let’s give this some real consideration. What earrings will you be using as accessories? Will you have a tie with some red or burgundy in it? Perhaps you will be rocking the pink shirt with the suit look that is very popular (as is the purple shirt if a gross of Mexx mannequins are to be believed.) With any of those choices, I’d say shine up the old burgundy faves and wear your leather “slippers”. After all, Cinderella did wear slippers to the ball.

    With something more silent and deadly – the diamond stud in the ear, a black tie with a dark shirt, no hint of frivolity or fun, then black is the only logical footwear.

    And, finally, what colour is your laptop or blogging device? Your shoes no longer need to match your belt, but should definitely coordinate with your technology.

  3. stacey Avatar

    Kelsey; a photo of the suit has been added to the post.
    Caitlyn; the earrings will be the slim gold hoops. I do not plan on a pink shirt tomorrow, I am more of a traditionalist (white or blue shirt) in my fashion choices.
    I should add that I will likely be wearing my wide-brim fedora but that is put in the hat-coat-check as soon as I get inside the theatre.

  4. marilyn Avatar

    Since I am a traditionalist … I would go with the exact outfit you are wearing in the pic and for sure wear the Black boots. After all going to first night at the Opera is a Dress Up event EVEN for Vancouver!!

  5. frances Avatar

    I’m voting for the Burgundy Boulets, but in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’m also going to be wearing Burgundy boots — mine are Fluevogs and feature higher heels than yours. They haven’t yet acquired the fabulous patina of yours, but still, we could be sole-mates (I know, sorry!). However, if you’re likely to be miffed that I’m stealing your colour thunder, I thought it best to forewarn you. Personally, I think it would be fun for our boots to “match.”

    Really looking forward to meeting you tonight — it’s going to be fun!

  6. stacey Avatar

    Sort of leaning to the burgundy Boulets at this time. Hmmm.

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