Hi Five Chicken

Hi Five Chicken Burger

I had a hankering for a chicken sandwich so I swung by Hi Five Chicken on the Burnaby/New West border just in tine to grab their lunch special; a Home Style Spicy Sandwich with a side of wedge cut fries.

Hi Five Chicken

Seeing as I knew that I would more than likely have to share my chicken sandwich with my kids – they always want “just a bite” I asked that the sandwich be the regular chicken – not spicy.

The answer; “no problem!”

Hi Five Chicken

Same as my previous visits to Hi Five Chicken, the sandwich – as an aside, I wonder what is the difference between a chicken sandwich and a chicken burger – the sandwich was really good.

In the sandwich there were two very large pieces of fried chicken, a couple of slices of tomato, a generous amount of shredded lettuce, and lots of dressing all sandwiched between the buns. Honestly, it is a beautiful sandwich!

I will say that while there is lots of chicken, today the meat was a little tougher than I have had it in the past. The breading on the chicken is excellent and holds together really well. Maybe I just got a couple of pieces of chicken that were tougher than the rest?

Hi Five Chicken

I am not a fan of potato wedges, however, the wedges at Hi Five Chicken were pretty good – not cut too thick so they were cooked through and not too “mushy” inside. I’m pretty sure a fans of potato wedges would enjoy the wedges just fine.

Overall, for $5 – this is an excellent chicken sandwich deal. $5? Yes please!

Hi Five Chicken is located at 8669 Tenth Avenue in Burnaby in the little strip mall we affectionatley call The Crest. Hi Five Chicken is open from 10am to 4am – yes, four in the MORNING.