High School Cafeteria Food

High school cafeteria food certainly has come along way recently. For example, yesterday the culinary arts program students at New Westminster Secondary School, under the direction of Chef Dehghan, prepped and cooked these delicious looking popovers, or as some call them, Yorkshire Puddings, with a garlic cream sauce and sautéed vegetables.


The popovers were the daily vegetarian option. However, if you are a meat eater, then the Beef bah min sandwich with green papaya slaw would have been more to your liking. A truly delicious sandwich with incredibly tender beef sliced ultra thin so that you could easily bite through the sandwich.
The sauce on the sandwich had just a hint of a snap to it making the sandwich just a little bit spicy.


I can’t speak for all high school cafeterias but the cooking program at New Westminster Secondary School, under Chef Deghan’s leadership, certainly has brought food a long way from the food found in cafeterias when I was a kid. I’m loving it.