Home again, home again…

After being away on assignment for the last three days, I arrived back home late last night to the warmest of welcomes. In spite of the dire warning from the commenter who calls herself “stay at home mum” (see previous post), Annalie and Story still seem to adore and love me. At 11:30 last night I snuck into their rooms to have peek. As I opened the door to Story’s room there was the tiniest of squeaks, Story heard it and immediately woke up. Once she saw me there was no going back…she wanted hugs and cuddles with Papa and squealed her delight. Of course her squeals awoke her sister who also wanted to see Papa.

Annalie says welcome home
Annalie says welcome home

An hour later they were both back asleep with blissful smiles playing across their faces and I was able to chat, cuddle and snuggle with the number one female in the house.