Home Depot Follow Up

The verdict from home was that we “need” the wardrobes that I was sent to look at the other night at Home Depot. Honestly, I have no idea why I had to look at them anyway, if I had said they are ugly and stupid the response would have been, “What time can you pick them up.” My Sweetheart wants them, I am sent to get them.

I took the twins with me on my return visit to the Home Depot and they loved the cart that they can sit in and steer.

Twins at Home Depot

The bottom line though, the customer service was no better the next day than it was the night before. Do you think I could get someone to help me even wheel them out to the car, never mind load them in the car. Funny how when I buy a jug of milk and bag of groceries at Safeway they offer to help me take the stuff to the car and yet at Home Depot? They thought I was insane. Maybe it is time for the Home Depot to rethink their customer service approach. Just sayin…