Homemade Bread Part 2

I decided to give the homemade bread thing another go – this time in my city home. 

And this time, I followed the recipe a little more closely. Well, I sort of followed the recipe more closely. 

Like I did at the cabin, I again added beer to my bread dough. But instead of adding beer as an after-thought, I poured a half cup of beer into my measuring cup and topped it with water. 

After about 6 hours of “working” the bread dough had a lovely head of bubbles growing on it. It was quite impressive. 

I left the dough to work for nearly 24 hours while I slept and then spent the next day at work. 

While prepping supper I poured the bread dough into a stainless steel frying pan and put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 425 degrees. 

While it didn’t rise as much as I had hoped it would, the flavour and density of the homemade bread was wonderful!!