honey doughnuts

Honey Doughnuts; Take II

I was back to North Vancouver’s Deep Cove so of course I had to stop and get six doughnuts from Honey Doughnuts – the most incredible doughnuts EVER.

Today I picked up four chocolate glazed and two maple with bacon. The chocolate are excellent but my new favourite is the maple bacon. It hits the right notes of salty (bacon, obviously) and sweet from the maple glaze.

I love doughnuts from Duffin’s on East 41st and Lee’s on Granville Island, but my goodness, Honey Doughnuts make an amazing doughnut. The best. So rich!

At some point I will have to sit down at Honey Doughnuts and Goodies and try some more of their menu – when I feel like braving the crowds that descend on Honey’s during the weekend. For now, I am satisfied with their doughnuts. More than satisfied!