Honey's Doughnuts

Honey’s Doughnuts; a Deep Cove Treasure

Honey's Doughnuts

Perhaps I am late to the game (Kate Winslett raves about Honey’s Doughnuts) but oh my goodness, I have found a doughnut shop that makes a doughnut more delicious than any other doughnut I have ever tried.

Honey’s Doughnuts in the Deep Cove neighbourhood of North Vancouver. Oh. My. Gawd.

Yes, Honey’s Doughnuts are better than Duffin’s Doughnuts and clearly better than Lee’s Doughnuts on Granville Island.

Honey's Doughnuts

While I was there today, they had three kinds of doughnuts: maple glazed, chocolate glazed, and honey glazed.

These are not some fancy, light as air, French-style doughnuts. They are also not big gobs of bread disguised as doughnuts.

These are pure, 100% comfort food. Comfort food with heft.

Honey's Doughnuts

They are rich and heavy, and all that is good in a doughnut.

Honey’s Doughnuts is a tiny hole in the wall of a place – my favourite kind of place! And they are incredibly busy. The staff were all friendly even though they were working their way through the throngs of people as they were doing their best to serve the many people jammed inside the place.

I will definitely be returning to Honey’s Doughnuts! It is worth the trip across the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge!!