How to Make a Bow

Like you, I have been in self-isolation for the last few days and probably like you, I have been watching lots of tv about how to flip a house and other useful YouTube videos on things like how to make a bow.

Deer Cam

In this current economic climate I didn’t think it was possible to flip a house, so while I was in self-isolation at the cabin, I decided to try my hand and learn how to make a bow.

And I did! I made a bow. And of course, the actual “making the bow” is only one part of making a bow – the most important part of any activity is making a video of the actual activity of making a bow.


I made myself a little campfire, settled in beside the fire, and just started chopping so that I could learn how to make a bow.

I am not sure what happened with the audio in this video – I suppose that is a result of not having my usual camera and sound crew with me – the audio just drops off randomly while I am talking. Sorry about that.