How to Make Friends and Influence People 101

The girls and I had a kind of funny, amusing situation in the park today. See, when it comes time to leave the playground the girls are very vocal at voicing their displeasure.

Some old fart walking by was looking a little too long in my direction so I piped up, “What’s up old timer.” Granted, I did not use my warm fuzzy friend voice.

He replies, “I suppose you don’t believe in the saying, ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child.'”

“Why’s that?” I snap back.

His reply, “Well, those two need to learn some respect.”

After a tough day in the office and clogged toilet to finish it off I was in no mood for his philosophizing. Inspiration came to me from above; “So if I take this stick and beat you with it are going to develop a deep and lasting respect for me?”

He harrumphed something about young punks and walked away. I would say my superior reasoning and logic ruled the day.


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