Hugh Laurie as House

Is there a more ridiculous premise for a television program than the premise behind House? What a truly ridiculous premise!

For those of you who have not had the agony of watching this silly show, here is the story-line for a typical episode; some poor afflicted person arrives at the hospital where the uber-intelligent Dr House, affectionately known as House, practices medicine. The person is afflicted with an incredibly rare illness/affliction that ONLY House is able to diagnose and potentially cure them of.

The wrinkle in the plot is that House is continuously battling severe and crippling  physical or emotional pain. To help him deal with his pain, at times he adminsiters too many drugs for himself. Add to that an ongoing battle with alcoholism and a generally miserable personality, and you have the incredible Doctor House.

The weekly trailers for the show usually state, “House is about to face his greatest test yet…will he be sober enough to see what no others can see? Tune in at…”

Pardon me but…YAWN. The fact that the amazing Dr House is played by the British actor Hugh Laurie makes not a wit of difference to me. House rivals Keifer Sutherland’s exploits in the debacle they call 24 (thankfully cancelled after this season).


  1. Shut uuup! 😉 You don’t like Hugh Laurie? Seriously, you must be protesting too much – maybe it’s even a little crush?!

    BTW, I’m not sure it’s so much his alcoholism as his Vicodin addiction that kicks his sorry ass … which you would know if you were watching more carefully.

    You did forget the truly most predictable thing about this show. And, I know this because, although we stopped watching after half a dozen episodes one year, we occasionally are too brain dead to turn off the TV and will catch another heroic triumph of House. Should I be, mercifully, out of the room when it starts, my first question as I return is, “Are they bleeding, yet?”

    It seems all these rare diseases are accompanied by hemorrhaging from all orifices. Or, if that is too much of a stretch for a given disease, the attempted cure (before the correct cure) will cause bleeding from all orifices.

  2. I admit that I forgot the bleeding from all orifices thing. But the Vicodin, I lumped that in with my reference to all the drugs he administers himself. Shark tank? House cleared the shark tank.

  3. Okay, I have to admit I watch it, just because I am aghast at how no one ever calls him on what an ass he is. He just gets away with it! Not a good reason to watch tv, but it is mind numbing on those days where I just need to numb my mind and go to sleep!

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